What's this all about anyways?

By definition, Choice consists of the mental process of judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one or more of them. Deregulation of the electric and gas industry has given you the power to choose your supply company in select markets that are open to retail competition. Powermyrewards functions as a marketing channel for a well established publicly traded electric supply company, and a well established privately held natural gas supply company. Both act as an alternative supply company, competing for your business against other alternative supply companies, and the incumbent utility company in your service territory. Transportation and delivery of your commodity is a service provided by your local utility, supply companies have nothing to do with that side of the business, as it remains closed to competition. The commodity itself is the same, you get the same kilowatt hours of electricity, and the same decatherms of natural gas. Alternative supply companies do differentiate on price, and customer service. There are hundreds of alternative supply companies in the market, and competition is fierce. Two very distinct, and value added services are unique to powermyrewards. I could not be more thrilled to introduce them to you.
Reward Benefits: By signing up to the program, electricity customers will get the benefits of $50 off their 13th month bill, subject to continuous service for a 12 month period, and on-time payment of your bills. You also get restaurant discount cards sent to you over the course of your 12 month continued service. Gas customers enjoy the benefit of a 12% rebate off of your highest month’s natural gas supply bill after 12 months of continuous service. Here is the added kicker, and the one that defines what we are trying to do at Power My Rewards a cobranded credit card and or debit card that provides discounts unique to the industry, every dime of which is given back to you, the customer. Through our partners, one of your biggest household expenses, RENT, can now be used to earn energy credits used to offset the supply portion of your monthly power and gas bill. Again, the benefit is all on the supply portion, as the transportation and delivery service is still under the control of your local utility. The more you use your cobranded credit card or debit card, the more energy credits you will earn. You have total control over your electricity and natural gas expenditures. There is no change in your every day spending, pay your rent, buy the things you always buy, and earn the energy credits. I encourage you to use our powerful savings calculators to see for yourself the merits of our offers at Power My Rewards.
Credit Score Management / Credit Improvement: Stay tuned for additional details!

Conclusion:  In conclusion, offering power and gas supply products below the incumbent utility rate is nothing out of the ordinary. Alternative supply companies have been doing this for years. Having the added reward benefits and credit score enhancement tools is a powerful new feature, the magnitude of the savings and benefits are new to the industry. We look forward to offering these benefits to any renter (and possibly homeowner in the future) today, and any small business who rents their space, both in competitively serviced energy markets throughout the United States. Watch out for our soon to be coming infomercial where you will be able to learn even more about us!

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