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Home Ownership

The American dream has become an American nightmare for some individuals. For those who desire to be a homeowner now or in the near future, fundamental factors such as inventory levels and historically low rates are creating some great opportunities. More often than not, access to mortgage capital creates an obstacle to taking advantage of these opportunities. can help. By partnering with a major reporting agency, customers can elect to have their on-time payment history reported, and see enhancements to their credit profile. We all know what happens when you do not pay your bills on-time; why not take advantage of the reciprocal? It can help build credit for your college graduate just starting out, or improve the profile of a borrower who has been affected by the housing meltdown.

Renters are a demographic segment that can take full advantage of our program. By processing your rental payment with our partner, you can earn great reward benefits and maximize the discounts to our power and gas products. In conclusion, renters can improve their credit profile and get great discounts on their power and gas supply with no change in their spending habits. Pay rent, shop as you normally do, and get great discounts and improve your credit profile. Get yourself into a position to be a qualified home owner!

Award Winning Partners

William Paid (logo) Aloe Marketing (will get you this one shortly) Major Financial Institution (coming soon!) Major Data Reporting Company (coming soon!) Specialty Demand Response Company: Commercial customers will actively be able to manage their electricity usage using state of the art dashboard reporting, and real time energy monitoring software. Exciting opportunities to actively reduce your peak load through curtailment or arbitrage with onsite generation. (coming soon!)

Easy Savings Tracking

When paying your bills though our soon to be available secure payment features, customers will enter the value drivers, and will keep track of your savings each month, giving you a powerful tool to see the benefits associated with our program.

Save Your Time and Money

Through, users can come to the page to sign up (enroll) and return to the page to pay their utility bill (soon to come, for now use the instructions on your bill to pay)with an easy online tool that securely sends your payment to your local utility company. See your real time savings associated with our products!

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